People are motivated by brands that create unique, exciting, memorable experiences. We help brands, ideas and products fly. Like this guy. It’s brandelicious and it’s what we do.


40 years of rapidly changing experience

Fluis has nearly 40 years of experience doing this stuff. Except for the stuff that hasn’t been around for 40 years.


Pieces of Work.

Brandelicious in motion. A sample of some recent work.

Wolverine Worldwide Leathers

Wolverine Leathers asked for a brand makeover in the form of an event stand in Milan. Fluis responded by creating a compelling message for a one–of–a–kind business, a tagline, a refined logo bug and defined their sustainability platform. In the stand, on the web, on product and in print.


Our MedThrive initiative has produced professional upgrades for small health, wellness and medical practice identity and communications. MedThrive integrated website packages start with custom and focused messaging for the practice, staff and offerings. Setup online bill payment, appointment scheduling and messaging or link existing CRM services.

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